Platte Clove Preserve


Platte Clove Preserve - Catskill Center, Platte Clove Road, Elka Park, NY, USA

Located in the northeastern Catskills, the Catskill Center’s Platte Clove Preserve is comprised of 208 acres with beautiful waterfalls and trails at the head of the rugged and scenic Platte Clove in the Town of Hunter, Greene County.

The preserve remains a pristine wilderness area open for the quiet enjoyment of the public.

Each year at the Preserve’s small red cabin we host several artists during the summer season for the Catskill Center’s Artist in Residence program. The cabin on the property is not open to the public. Visitors should not approach the cabin and there are no facilities in the cabin open to the public.


Parking is very limited along Platte Clove Road and the Town of Hunter strictly enforces the posted “No Parking” areas. Visitors to the preserve should park at the NYSDEC parking lot located off of Platte Clove Road 0.2 miles east of the Preserve (the parking lot is located on the dirt road off the north side of Platte Clove).  

The Platte Clove Preserve is a natural area that is maintained to ensure its wilderness character remains. There are three maintained trails on the preserve that are open to the public. The remainder of the lands of the preserve is not open to the public.

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