Snowshoeing 101

Want to learn what snowshoeing is and how to do it safely? Join us at the Catskills Visitor Center where we will be learning about one of the most useful gear items for winter hiking.

We will be going over several aspects of snowshoeing such as how to put snowshoes on, how to hike in them, when you should plan to bring them with you, and other safety information important for enjoying a nice hike through the snow.

If snow is on the ground at the Catskills Visitor Center, we will be including a chance to walk in a pair of snowshoes to get the full experience.

Registration is encouraged but not required. Email to sign up today.

Catskills Visitor Center 5096 NY-28, Mt Tremper NY 12457


February 19, 2024
11:00 am - 12:00 pm