Hike Itinerary:

The hike begins with a half-mile stretch of traditional rock and root trail that will see plenty of small ups and downs. This beginning section is more intense than many expect, so please prepare accordingly. Once we meet up with the main trail, we will follow an old service road for 1.7 miles before reaching our first break spot at the spring along the trail. While the Catskill Mountains have some very fresh water, there is a privy located up the mountain from the water source, so treatment or filtration is recommended for those who have been recently considered immunocompromised or have had issues in the past. 

The final 0.85 miles of the trail will contain some of the steeper sections, given that it will be one of the hotter months in New York, we will continue once everyone feels comfortable. Before reaching the fire tower there will be a shelter if anyone needs another place to rest after the final stretch. The views from the fire tower are some of the most beautiful in the Catskill Park at night time and highlight how relatively low the light pollution is across the Park. The trip back will allow for a second break at the water source for anyone who needs any additional fluids. From that rest stop down to the parking area we will not stop until we reach the end. 

Items to Bring:

  • Water (1-2 Liters as needed. There is a spring to draw from but there is a privy located further up the mountain, filtration or treatment is recommended for drawing from this source)
  • Snacks
  • Headlamp (cell phone lights will not suffice)*
  • Insulation – light insulation is recommended in case of wind
  • Trekking Poles (If needed, there will be some steep sections)
  • Hiking Boots or Shoes (trail runners are acceptable, just make sure your footwear can handle a rocky trail as it is not a completely smooth walk)

*If you do not have a headlamp you will not be allowed to take part in this hike. Due to issues with having to assist hikers who did not have headlamps in the past, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS! You will also be turned away if you forget your headlamp, it only counts if it’s on your person so be sure you have it before you start driving.

Source:: https://givebutter.com/Tremperhike


Sunday, August 19, 2024

6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Catskill Center
43355 Route 28 Arkville, NY, 12406
United States (map)

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