Arm-of-The-Sea theater will be presenting Dirt: The Secret Life Of Soil at our Great Outdoor Expo! Fusing cutting-edge science and age-old puppetry, DIRT takes audiences on an extravagant journey of discovery into the Great Underneath-revealing the epic alchemy of plants, the fungi’s dance of mutual delight, and the microbe’s herculean labors. Featuring live music and a myriad of puppet figures ranging from 12 inches to 12 feet tall, the show reminds earthly residents of all ages how profoundly essential is the ground beneath their feet. Arm-of-the-Sea is an award-winning arts ensemble based in New York’s Hudson River Valley.

The Great Outdoor Expo is a one-day event filled with dozens of exhibitors from across the Catskills as well as a smattering local food and beverage offerings, live presentations, raffle prizes, the Catskills Great Outdoor Gear Sale, and a full schedule of engaging activities for the whole family to enjoy.

To ensure this event is accessible to our entire community, admission is free for both Catskills residents and visitors. Reserve your tickets here.

The Catskills Great Outdoor Expo will be held at the Catskills Visitor Center in Mt. Tremper, NY, the official Visitor Center of the Catskill Park.

For additional event information including our Event Program & Tickets, Vendor List & Registration, and Sponsorship opportunities, click here.


Saturday, June 8, 2024

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm